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A praying Church
Praying for the impossible
Joseph had communion with God
God will provide
Have you asked God for His touch?
The touch of God
The stony heart
The Word of God changes deceitful heart
Rise up and walk
Wilt thou be made whole
A stony heart
No root, no fruit due to hidden sin
Tears will prevail
Do not miss God's opportunity
The call of God
The revelation from God
Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand
Repent and believe the gospel
What is your heart cry
True Christian's heart cry
My heavenly Father knoweth
All power is given unto us
The will of God
The fervent prayer of a righteous man
The Lord looks at our works not at our words
Your heavenly Father knoweth
I know your works
A reed shaken with the wind
I shall not be ashamed of the Gospel
I will not believe unless I touch Him
Humility is the key
There is forgiveness at the Cross
Being partaker of the afflictions of the Gospel
Overcoming adversity
Acting upon the Word of God
The reality check
Faithless and perverse generation
Learn of Me for I am meek and lowly
Let us walk as He walked
So to walk as He walked
Abraham obeyed God
Faith without works is dead
Render an account to the Lord
Stand fast for the Truth
Where is He?
The spirit of prophesy
How can this be?
Joseph's implicit obedience
God's Love for you and me
The incorruptible Word of God
Walk in the Spirit
Walk by faith and not by sight
He was manifested to destroy the works of the devil
Sarah judged Him faithful who had promised
Communicating Faith
Faith without works is dead
Humble yourself and repent
Falling from the hands of God into the hands of the King of Egypt
The comforter will reprove of sin, righteousness and judgment
The Power from on High
Keep your eyes upon Jesus
Jesus spoke the Word and it was done
Come to God with the sense of total unworthiness
Can these bones live
Hidden sins
Defeating the works of darkness
A servant heart
They are not valiant for the Truth
Obedience to the heavenly vision
Faith which overcomes the world
Let not covetousness be once named among you
Be ye therefore followers of God
Where are the nine?
A grateful heart
If you seek Him He will be found of you
The Lord be with you while you be with Him
Look upto heaven
Walk by faith not by sight
Destroying the works of darkness
He was manifested to destroy the works of the devil
Have faith in the risen Saviour
I will not believe unless I touch Him
I shall not be ashamed
My heart is fixed
Christ alone can redeem
Of the increase of His Government there is no end
Go and possess the land
The direction of the hand of God
Daniel and the like minded prayer partners
When you obey the Word you will be prophetic
Jesus healed the blind and the lame
Jesus cleansed the temple
To be salted by fire
Blessed are the poor in spirit
Behold he prayeth
Take My yoke upon you
Where is He?
Faith and action
Joseph did as the angel said to him
Joseph a man of action and not of words
Keep your eyes upon Jesus
Jesus spoke the Word and it was done
Come to God with sense of total unworthiness
Can these bones live?
A contrite heart
Jesus opens the blind eyes
God works in a unique way
Heavenly blessings
Are you joined to the Lord
Give your children a godly heritage
The goodly heritage of the Lord
Greave not the Holy Spirit of God
He will lead you into all Truth
The spirit of Truth
Out of the heart proceeds evil thoughts
Abraham believed in God
My Heavenly Father knoweth
All power is given unto us
The will of God
The fervent prayer of a righteous man
Faith which over cometh the world
Can God dwell in your house?
Stretch out your hands to God
Jesus heals the withered hand
He is your exceeding great reward
I know your works
Gentiles seek the Word of God with hunger
The Holy Sprit leadings
Men shall be covetous and boasters
Men shall be lovers of themselves
What a wonderful Saviour
Lifting the nation to greatness
The Lamb of God that takes away sin
Who is He?
Faith is accompanied by action
Faith without work is dead
What will you give me?
How much will you give me for Jesus?
The devil entered into Judas's heart
What perverts the human heart?
It is the Spirit of God that convicts us of sin
The Comforter will reprove of sin, righteousness and judgment
Forsake the ways of the heathen
Lift up your voice like a trumpet
Salvation cannot be purchased with money
Jesus was declared with Power and Truth
Labour not for the meat that perisheth
The things of time and the things of eternity
How can this be?
Where is HE?
The wisemen were directed by the Lord
The simplicity of the manger
The Truth shall set you free
Freely you have received freely give
The Love of God motivates a Christian
What is your motivation?
Whence comest thou and whither wilt thou go?
Where art thou?
Gospel feet
Jesus healed the blind and the lame
Is the power of God working in you?
God that worketh in you
Repent of your wickedness
Christ was manifested
Good and up right is the Lord
Commitment to the Lord
Every crooked way will be made straight
Jesus makes the crooked straight
The essence of a prayer life
Boldness for Christ
Why should the heathen rage
The power of prayer
Lay not up for yourself treasures upon the earth
Seek things for the kingdon of God
Seekest thou great things for yourself
Seek not great things for yourself
Our heavenly father is well able to supply our need
Your heavenly father knoweth
Of sin they believed not on Me
I will send you the comforter
How is your altar?
The spirit that was upon Jesus
The Truth and the Power in the Word of God
A Church that is lead by the spirit of God
I gave my life for you, what have you done for me?
Christ died for us
Our Lord is risen
He is risen
The love of the Cross
The loneliness of the Cross
We cannot but preach about Jesus
Proclaiming Christ to the World
Jesus has the power to deliver the lost
Jesus came into this world to save sinners
Christ came into this world to save sinners
There is no Christianity without the cross
Dead faith
Faith without works is dead
Hope in the Lord
Trust in the Lord
Joseph's implicit obedience
Joseph was willing and ready to obey
The power of Jesus name
Thou shalt call his name Jesus
Love your neighbor as yourself
The greatest thing of all is Love
Repent of your wicked heart
Christ was manifested to redeem us
God commandeth every one to repent
Those that have turned the world upside down
Jesus healed the sick
Jesus had compassion on them
My house is a house of prayer
You have made my house a house of merchandise
Lay your talents in Jesus hands
The kingdom of God is not meat and drink
Where is your brother?
The testimony of the Lord
Truth brings divisions
The cares of the world choke the word
They know not Me saith the Lord
Rivers of water run down my eyes
The stoney heart
The sower soweth the Word
Serving the Lord with all our heart
The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy
Honoring the Lord
Jesus said "Do not be like the hypocrites"
Never be ashamed of the Gospel
Rejoice when you are reproached
Serve Him in sincerity and in truth
You have not chosen me but I have chosen you
The secret of blessing
Growing in the love of Christ
Christian love cares for others
Away with Him
Darkness in your soul
Satan entered into Judas
God looks for faithful people
God sayes "I know your faith"
Where are the nine?
Give glory unto God
Humility is the key
Elisha was a prophet indeed
He sent His Word and healed them
Delivered to lift others
Out of the heart proceed evil thoughts
The stony heart
Labour not for the meat that perisheth
God's word will never change
Behold I will do a new thing
Trust in the Lord
Restore unto me
Contentment and gratitude
My spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior
Mary's focus was on Jesus
God at work
Revival - God working
Go thou in God's strength
Go thou mighty man of valor
Overcoming adversaries
He was manifest to destroy the works of the devil
Expect great things from God
For me to live is Christ
Elisha, a prophet indeed
Elisha was ready for the task
For me to live is Christ
Where is your faith?
Why are you fearful?
Increase our faith
Springs of Living water
The woman at the well
Christianity without the Cross
Follow Me
The simplicity of Christ
Come you after Me
Building the fallen desolations
Holiness unto the Lord
What is our warfare today?
He sent His Word and healed them
What is your driving force?
Driven by the spirit of God
The spirit of service
Sacrificial Service for the Lord
Friendship with God
Meeting God face to face
Repent Ye and believe the Gospel
Jesus said "Peace be unto you"
Wait on the Lord
Power from on high
Where is the Lord God of Elijah - 2
Where is the Lord God of Elijah - 1
Proclaim the Living Saviour
Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel
There is forgiveness at the Cross
They watched Him crucified
Jesus fills us with His fullness
Without me you can do nothing
The restoration
The Father's heart
The God of heaven is the revealer of secrets
Daniel went to the Lord for direction
Sowing with tears
Have you got Jesus?
He that hath the Son hath life
Joseph and Mary were directed by God
The simplicity of the Saviour
The everlasting Father
The wonder of the Wonderful Saviour
The Word of God is the road map
Gahazi's heart
Give me a double portion of your spirit
Elisha left all and followed the Lord
Can God call you faithful?
God changeth not
I am the God that changeth not
Abiding in God's promise
Constancy and Consistency
The deception of the heart
A test of faith
God will not despise a broken and contrite heart
God looks for a contrite spirit
I must be about my Father's business
Speak the Word only
He sent His Word and healed them
Out of the Heart proceed evil thoughts
A Spiritual Life
Soulish religion
We wrestle not against flesh and blood
The battle against the powers of darkness
Satan takes away the Word immediately
The Sower Soweth the Word
A Blind Watchman
A Watchman
Rend your heart and not your garment
Falling into the Hand of God
Endued Power from on high
Power belongs to God
Love your neighbor as yourself
Who is my neighbor
Christ First
Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God
The Power in the Word of God
Have faith in the risen Saviour
I will not believe
I shall not be ashamed
My heart is fixed
I am God and I change not
I am the Lord
Where are the nine?
One grateful leper
The flesh profiteth nothing
The spirit quickeneth
I am not worthy
Walk worthy of the Lord
Good news for all people
Good tidings of great joy
Obedience to the Word of God
Joseph obeyed the word of God
Fight the good fight of faith
Fight a good fight
Where is your faith?
Peace be still
God has chosen the base things of the world
God has chosen the foolish things of the world
Show the world there is none like Him
Who is like unto the Lord
I Can Do All Things Through Christ
The Lack of Faith
Carrying Jesus
A Divine Intervention
God Makes us Real
Arise and God
Arise, He calleth You
Looking at Jesus
There is No Christianity Without the Cross
Out of the Heart Proceed Evil Thoughts
Pure Heart and Faith unfeigned
Keep Thy Heart With All Diligence
God Has a Great Plan for You
Thou Shalt Not Walk in the Abomination of the Land
The Highway of the Cross
Godliness With Contentment is Great Gain
The Word of God Quickeneth the Spirit