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The Word of God Quickeneth the Spirit
Rebuilding the Fallen Desolation
Repairing the Waste City
He Dwelleth in You
That Which was from the Beginning
Fellowship with the Father
God Wants Your Body, Soul and Spirit
God Gives Us a Goal in Life
Blind Watchman
God's Watchman
A Faithful Watchman
God's Righteousness
The Children of Disobedience
Whatsoever Ye Shall Ask in My Name I Will Give it to You
I have Chosen You
True Worship
The Wonder of the Wonderful Saviour
Mary Abided in the Will of God
God Ordered All Things
Highly Favoured of God
Thou Art Wearied in Multitude of Counsel
Where is Any Other that can Save You?
Christ is the Wisdom of God
Let Not the Wise Glory in His Wisdom
Prayer that Breaks the Bondange
Prayer that Releases Those Who are Bound
Communion with God
They are Offended Because of Persecution
God Will Provide
A Special Identity
God is Your Reward
Abraham Did God's Will
The Church Increased in Numbers
Believers Were Added to the Lord
Go and Possess the Land
Is There the Finger of God?
Stand Against the Works of the Devil
Jesus Came to Destroy the Works of the Devil
Rise Up to the Challenge
The Prophetic Spirit
Blind Judges
Jesus Cleansed the Temple
Cost of Christianity
I Will Not Give Unto God that Which Cost Me Nothing
True Repentance
Jesus Christ the Redemption
The Spirit of Redemption
There is Power in the Words of Jesus
The Gracious Words of Jesus
Let the Truth Speak
Let Your Yes be Yes
Perverse Generation
Cease from Perversion
What is the Motivation of your Prayer?
The Prayer that Pleases God
All Power is Given unto Me
Truth Can Never be Silenced
Peter Repented When the Cock Crew
Abide in Christ
He That Hath the Son has Life
God's Word is Not Short Changed
What is Our Expectation from God?
Where are the Nine?
The Sin of Ingratitude
Seek the Lord With All Your Heart
Be Ye Strong for Your Work Shall Be Rewarded
The Lord be With You While You Are With Him
The Output of Man's Heart
Mary Magnified the Lord
God's Revelation
Joseph, the Humble Carpenter
Christmas Message
A Christian Awakening
The Stony Soil
Binding the Forces of Darkness
Accountable to God
Render an Account to the Lord
Our Business is to Destroy the Works of the Devil
Binding the Darkness with the Word of God
Infectious Faith
Sarah Judged God to be Faithful
Obedience to the Heavenly Vision
A Servant of All
Be Not Disobedient to the Heavenly Vision
Walk by Faith and Not by Sight
Thou Shalt Not Covet
Walk in Love
Faith Wrought Works in Abraham
Faith Brings Obedience
Faith is Accompanied with Action
Give God your Best
The Poor Widow Gave her All
The Servant of All
I Send you as a Witness
Thou shalt be His Witness
Ye are my Witnesses
The Rocks will Cry Out
Obey His Commandments
Love thy God
The Matchless Risen Saviour
The Hour of Glory
Do you Love your Neighbor or your Money?
Betrayest thou Me with a Kiss
The Unbridled Tongue
Before the Crown there is the Cross
Thy Will be Done
Men of Honesty and Full of the Holy Spirit
The Blueprint of the Church
What will Jesus Say about You and Me
Not as Pleasing Men but God
Take heed
I Am Not Worthy
An Essential Ingredient-Faith
The Heart Cry of a Thirsty Soul
What is Your Heart Cry?
You Shall Seek Me and Find Me
Why Weepest Thou?
Whom Do You Seek?
The Rich Man
Compassion For Souls
Come Let Us Reason Together Says God
A Seeking Heart
They Opened Their Treasures
An Adequate Offering
Acknowledge Your Transgressions
He that Humbleth Himself shall be Exalted part 2
Whosoever Exalteth Himself shall be Abased
He that Humbleth Himself will be Exalted
Launch Into Deep and Let Down your Net
Jesus is Faithful to Delliver Us From Our Sins
You Are Not Your Own
What Shall I Render Unto the Lord?
The Living God Cannot Be Compromised
Truth Cannot Be Compromised
The Lord's Prayer
Half Baked Cake
Come and See the Messiah
Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery
Take Up Your Bed And Walk
Wilt Thou Be Made Whole
Ready For the Battle
Your Sin Will Find You Out
My Heavenly Father Knoweth
A True Witness For Jesus
Blessed Are You When You Are Pesecuted
Fight Against the Powers of Darkness
Confer Not With the Flesh But With God
A Real Encounter With God
Overcoming the Powers of Darkness
The Devil Takes Away the Word of God
Jeuss Gives Us the Power to be Sons and Daughters
Who Are You?
Jesus Spent His Evening in Prayer
Are You Ready for the Hour of Need?
Jesus is Ready for the Hour of Need
Seek Those Who Are Lost
Deferred Obedience is Disobedience
Having Eyes of Faith to See Jesus
Communion With God
Flip Flop Christianity
Hosanna to the King
Are You Willing to Carry the Cross?
I Came for This Hour
Sin's Impact
The Stony Heart
Dealing With the Specifics of the Heart
Kingdom of God is at Hand
Repent and Believe the Gospel
Blind Guides
Everyone Will Give Account of Himself to God
There is Nothing Hidden Before God
God is the Searcher of Our Heart
Jesus is Our Strength and Counselor
Wonderful Counselor
My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord
Mary Thou Art Highly Favoured
How Shall This Be?
What Shall I Do with Jesus?
Let Him be Crucified
One Man's Obedience
Obedience to the Word of God
A Life Which Takes Care of Others
Out of the Heart Proceed Evil Thoughts
We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood
His Promises are Always True
In Christ Jesus
Jesus the Friend of Sinners
Jesus is the Friend of Sinners
Daniel Did Not Bow Down to the Idol
Daniel Purposed in His Heart Not to Sin
Pick Up the Cross and Follow Me
Deny Yourself and Follow Me
A New Life with Jesus
The Word of God Increased and Souls Were Added
Preaching the Word of God
Devil Cometh to Steal and to Kill
The Family of Jesus are Those Who Do God's Will
He That Doeth the Will of the Father is My Mother and Brother
Jacob Had Power with God
I Will Not Let You Go Untill You Bless Me
Ye That Love the Lord and Hate Evil
Seek Good and Not Evil That You May Live
All Seek Their Own None Seek the Kindgom of God
Cast All Your Cares Upon Jesus
Goodwill Toward Men
Confess Your Sins
Trembling at God's Word
Declaring Jesus
Out Of The Heart Proceed Evil Thought
Satan Cometh Immediately To Take Away The Seed
Oh Faithless and Perverse Generation!
The Battle Against The Powers Of Darkness
The Blindness of The Heart
Follow Not After The Multitude to Do Evil
Rejecting Jesus
For Men shall be lovers of the world
What shall I render unto the Lord?
The Demonstration of God's power
I know my sheep
Thou shalt be established in righteousness
Established in righteousness
A reed not shaken by the wind
Blessed is he that is not ofended in Jesus
Conferred with Jesus
The revelation of "Salvation's" plan
Proclaiming the Good news of Jesus
Endued with dynamism
Wait in the presence of God
Are you ready to bear the cross?
Jesus took our sins on himself
There was no guile in Him
Commitment to the Covenant of God
The Point of No Return
God's Law
Souls Were Added to the Church
Obedience to God's Law
Godly Sorrow Worketh Repentance
Blessed Are They That Mourn
What Shall We Do with Jesus?
Has God Spoken to You?
The Authority in the Name of Jesus
What is Your Motivation?
The motivation of Zaccheus
Where is the God of Elijah?
True Love
The Word of God Multiplied
God's Righteousness
Fear Not
Falling at Jesus' Feet
Expecting an Answer from God
The Righteousness of Jesus
Learning Faith at Jesus' Feet
Overcoming the Powers of Darkness
They Trusted in the Shadow of Egypt
Zealous But Lost
Jesus Christ Came For the Lost
Follow Me With All Your Heart
Follow Me
Follow After Righteousness
God Chose Gideon at the Hour of Need
God's Grace to the Fearful
Power and Authority of the Word of God
The Son of God
The Stony Heart Endures But for a While
The Compassion of Jesus
Compassion with Faith
The Lord is the Discerner of Heart
The Word of God is a Discerner of Heart
Draw Nigh to Him He will Draw Nigh to You
The Stony Heart
Do You Savour the Things of Men or of God?
Who Do You Say Jesus Is?
God Forbid That I Should Glory But In The Cross
If My People Return Unto Me
If My People Humble Themselves
Where is He?
Keep Your Eyes Upon the Wonderful Saviour
His Name is Wonderful
The Greatest Gift
Wonderful in Counsel and Excellent in Working
Looking at Jesus the Express Image of God
Live your Life for Eternity
Repentance and Remission
Persecuted but not Defeated
The Slothful Man Seeth a Lion in the Way
No One Can Escape the Judgment of God
Judgment of God
Overcoming the Powers of Darkness
God Delights in Those Who Delight in His Commandments
God Delights in His People
A Lifetime Record
The Final Account
Harden Not your Heart
The Way to the Crown is Cross
God's Questions
Lift Up Holy Hands
The Word of God Brings Deliverance
He Was Manifested to Destroy the Works of Darkness
If Any Man Come After Me Let Him Deny Himself
Who Do You Say Jesus Is?
God Forbid that I Should Glory But in the Cross
The Thorny Soil and the Good Soil
Hidden Sins Chokes the Word
Seek His Face with Humility and Supplication
God's Prescription
Our Heavenly Father Knoweth
Out of the Heart Proceed Evil Thoughts
Do Not Learn the Customs of the Heathen
Be Ye Holy for He is Holy
God Wants to Lift You
Be Not Unequally Yoked With Unbelievers
Sin Cannot Be Hidden in God's Presence
A Church With the Fear of God
Daniel Rose Up to the Challenge
Daniel Purposed in His Heart
Be Strengthened in the Inner Man
The Lord's Prayer
There is No Blessing Without Humility
God Needs You to the Job
Be Not Afraid of Rejection
Live For Jesus
The Word of Warning and Compassion
The Judgment of God
Have You Any Idols in Your Heart?
The Love of God
Rend Your Heart and Not Your Garment
The Testimony of a Warrior
"Joseph's Obedience"
"Mary was Willing and Obedient"
"He Hath Regarded the Low Estate"
"Christmas- God's Love for You and Me"
"The Incorruptible Word of God"
"Walk in the Spirit"
"Pick Up the Cross and Follow Me"
"Keep Your Eyes Upon Jesus"
"Jesus Spoke the Word and It Was Done"
"Come to God With a Sense of Total Unworthiness"
"Can These Bones Live?"
"The Hardness of Heart"
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